Andrew Bernero
Brooklyn, NY
Illustrations, Mixed Media

I began this series in 2010, drawing from a black and white reproduction of a color photograph of an art 'Action' found in a book, making, among other variations, a
6” x 6” composition in purple pen & acrylic. Early in 2020 I photographed this, digitally altered the image, printed several versions on paper, and used those as a reference to draw over the original. The process of photography and digital manipulation was repeated to produce four 12” x 12” black & white drawings, ultimately assembled into a grid, and several others focusing on a circular theme.
Near the end of February of this year, I began a single 16” x 16” panel which would draw from all of the prior material in acrylic, pen, charcoal and pencil. This process of self-referential growth, having begun a decade ago, is both continually exciting and comforting to me, and I would be worse without it.

- Andrew