Buhari Torifat
Lagos, Nigeria
Beaded Mosaics

I started mosaic art last year. With the chaos happening around the world during this lockdown, I am able to express my thoughts more using the colourful tiny buttons. These are three pieces I made recently.

During this time, staying indoors throughout, I came to understand that no matter how colourful we think our life is, no matter how many luxuries we have, there's one part of us that's still lonely, that still feels we have nobody around.

During lockdown, in my country of Nigeria, the issue of rape was rampant.

Being a female I know very well how difficult it is to get over a traumatic situation, the endless insults or the endless pointing of fingers. The blame just never ends.

My heart goes out to the females that were victims of these incidents and goes to the mothers that lost their children.

They are the strongest out there.
Supporting Black Lives Matter.

I wonder why in this age and time, where there's technology advancement, where you can meet random strangers online of different colours, from different regions of the world and still be their this age and time where we have a lot of interracial marriages that are successful. Why is there still racism?

There should be UNITY in DIVERSITY. 

- Buhari