Chase Doerflinger   
Austin, TX

We’ve been home, now, for sixty days. We just celebrated (my wife) Monica’s first Mother’s Day, plus it was her birthday, recently, and (my daughter) Vivian’s first birthday is this week. Three major events while in quarantine.

We delight in having extra moments together, but it’s not been without its major challenges and stresses. We’re also so sad that Viv has lost her playmates and can’t even go to the playground, and that she won’t have any friends with her for her first birthday.

It’s been difficult to adjust to having so much extra time at home, and practically no personal alone time—I’m writing this with Viv asleep in my lap.
These photos have given me respite from the monotony of these home-bound days. They show the richness of life literally feet from my front door; be it the moon on a still night, the sunrise on days that Vivian is up before dawn, or a water hose dripping from filling up the baby pool.

Photography has helped me find joy and peace in this uncertain time and I’m grateful for my camera.

From my family to yours, please stay safe.

- Chase