Davey Jones / Lost Boy ?  
Brooklyn, NY                                       

I use song-writing as emotional therapy for a lot of things. In this case it was for my anxiety and depression caused by an ugly situation. In the dawn of the pandemic I was already feeling fearful for the future of the human condition. Watching the world map light-up red, I knew we only had so much time to create something to help the mind-tornado of worries.

"Feel Like Shit" was written from the perspective of the coronavirus. I normally don't write songs this heavy, but because it is a heavy topic, I didn't want to hold back the weight.
The day after I wrote it, NYC went on lockdown.

The sarcasm that's embedded in the vocal-tone is a coping mechanism for relief, meant to give strength and confidence to stare this disease back down into the darkness with the same evil smile - to remind it who's the fucking boss.

- Davey