Domenica Bucalo  
Brooklyn, NY
Many of my visions and projects are informed by my surroundings and history. The coexistence between interior and exterior, private and public. The superpower that holds in a conversation our strength and vulnerability.

By staying mostly indoors, I’ve had to redistribute and recalibrate my gaze to my home.

I live in Brooklyn with my husband and our son. In our home, we organized designated spaces to work and study, to create.
I have been chronicling our days through a visual journal called Homebound 2020.

My photography has become more intimate, at the same time a bit abstract. My drawings have a stronger urgency to represent nature and animals, along with human figures.

The perception of time has changed, there is a softer edge to it although it feels blurry at times.

Nothing is forever, what I have is precious. I want to remember.

- Domenica