Eduardo Terranova
New York, NY

These works are part of a new series called “Pilgrims of the South Border” and are derived from my own sculpture reliefs. The protrusions in the sculptures rise to become “Pilgrims” or immigrants. They form a human mass rising and rising and rising. At times they are “ghosts” and as such, they traverse the “border” and keep moving.
It is an ode to migrations, to the beauty that WE all are when united, with a single voice. Birds migrate, mammals migrate, the sand from the Sahara desert migrates each year to South America and the Atlantic Ocean. Microbes migrate, and needless to say and, sadly, the Covid-19 virus has migrated to every corner of the earth.

United we can defeat many ailments and catastrophes. I am most interested in the beauty that comes out of the chaos once together.