Elizabeth Kezia
Tangerang, Indonesia
Digital Photographs/Illustrations

Distance - both physically and mentally - has built a comfortable nest for my solitude. While I'm striving towards self reconciliation, what's happening in the recent weeks has brought to the surface the urgency of human connection. People scramble to the search bar, finding accounts and slide into. We now seem to acknowledge 'social connection' more than anything. I, for some reason, lack an urge to seek these connections, but I do think that this is the best time to give something to my friends. Rather than fulfilling my immediate needs for human interaction, I want to pay hommage and be grateful for the past relationships that I've had in my life.

So, I asked my dear friends to send me a picture of objects that they would like to see up close, but couldn't because of the current situation. I initially intend to reproduce the pictures by zooming in, but the concept leant too much towards voyeurism. I thought: I want to stay true to my friends' intentions in each of their photos, but it is impossible because my act of taking their pictures and modifying them is a form of infringement on the original itself.
Then, why not just be straightforward in that infringement? I'll not be subtle in the modification of the pieces. Social interaction is reciprocal and so is this project collaboration.

My effort to find the right pair to a photograph employs a metaphor of human tendencies to sympathize & dwell in unity. 

Each photograph is a generous piece that my friends gave to me, they are gifts that unveil my wishes amid the situation.

- Elizabeth