Gabrielle Lansner
Brooklyn, NY

Project 2020 is a short dance film that I made in the first few weeks of my Covid hibernation in New York. Wanting to keep creatively active, I asked several dancers that I know to send me iPhone footage of themselves dancing.

The rules were simple: a short movement phrase, a slow motion phrase, wear something bright. That's all. 
I initially only got two responses and was surprised and excited at what the dancers had created. I had worked with one of the dancers before and the other one I had seen in a film and had approached her in the past for another project, but I have never met her in person.

Having had a long career as a choreographer, I love the editing process. It is like choreographing for me. I am not a technically proficient editor, so this film was edited with iMovie. I wanted to keep the entire process simple.

- Gabrielle