Art of The Isolation is a curated collection of works made by artists from around the world while in isolation during the outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus in 2020.

A silver lining of the immensely trying circumstances the world is facing now is that people are using their newfound free time to revisit old skills and find new inspiration. Unfortunately, many in the creative fields are also now missing the normal work and outlets for what they do.

The hope of  Art of The Isolation is to provide a curated space for some of that new work. A place where we can come together to elevate each other outside the mechanism of social media and showcase the positivity and ingenuity getting us through our collective self isolation.

We are open to submissions and looking for any and all kinds of artwork: photography, illustration, videography, music/audio, design, painting, writing, whatever you're currently working on or inspired to do.

It’s preferable that the work be something created during this time, but if there's any previous work you'd like to share that's related to the feelings and experiences caused by what's going on, that would be considered as well. The artwork does not have to directly reference the virus, but it could take the form of an escape, a fear or desire, or something you're excited to return to.

Submission Guidelines:

Please email submissions to:

Please include your name, location, the title (if applicable), and a link to your website or social media account, as well as a brief statement on how the outbreak has affected you or your work.

Thank you.

- Cole Giordano, Editor-in-Chief