Justin Jenkins
Brooklyn, NY
Digital Illustration

As an artist I feel like I have the opportunity to convey feelings and energy that can capture not only my perspective, but the temperature and mood of my surroundings. Currently, the mood everywhere is feeling rather bleak. I have always related to these feelings of uncertainty, fear, and restlessness. I think that is why I create my illustrations in the style I do. It is always my goal to create a scene that invokes a wide range of emotions and, in this case, also mirrors how I feel during this pandemic.

I live in Crown Heights [Brooklyn]. I watch so many of my neighbors who comprise the lower-middle and middle classes maneuver through these difficult times, and I feel their energy so much. I feel a certain type of rage knowing we are cared for differently than our neighbors in more economically affluent parts of New York.
My work during this time has tried to take that rage and turn it into the gnarliest scenes using characters that turn emotion and energy into an almost cinematic situation. Not sure yet what this will accomplish long term, but it feels very honest and well intentioned so for now I’m just going to keep on making as much as possible.

- Justin