Kenneth Bachor   
Brooklyn, NY

When this pandemic started to get more serious in NYC, me and my friend John Taggart, who's a great Brooklyn-based photographer, were noticing these medical gloves that were randomly discarded on the street. We both love shooting found objects and thought this was a perfect opportunity to make something.  

The way I approached it, I thought each of the gloves had their own personality, they're all different dynamics and energies.

I stuck with high flash because I wanted to reduce them to a variety of abstract shapes. 
My message with this series was to highlight the fact that these objects are being discarded by the average person, yet there is a severe PPE shortage amongst medical workers who are fighting COVID-19.

This whole thing is unprecedented. As artists, we always analyze a situation and how we could reflect or contribute to the dialogue of what's going on, while also looking onto what's next over the horizon. Some of the best art comes out of situations of panic - artists always find a way to respond in a smart way.

- Kenneth