Natalie Kirch
Brooklyn, NY
While I feel extremely grateful for the safety and health of myself and my loved ones during quarantine, I do think there is a generalized sense of anxiety that I wake up with that sticks with me throughout the day. I do not think I am projecting or exuding any sense of nervousness. The stress is more so simmering on an internal level and gets projected into small thoughts or routines within my day-to-day life.

I guess I would describe it as the mental equivalent of a broken pinky toe - more of a dull ache that's always there, but not in the forefront until you bump it.

I am trying to remain productive outside of my job through various forms of art, but sometimes the circular movement of time makes the excess of time seem shorter.
For example, although my work day has been cut shorter with the loss of my two hour commute back-and-forth, I have not been able to catch up on sleep. I have barely been able to sleep at all. This leaves me in almost a lucid dream state on some days, where I never really fall into R.E.M. sleep and never fully wake up to alertness.

Hours and days start to bleed into each other, especially on the weekends where my schedule is so open. Some days, I am incredibly productive at channeling these emotions. Other days, I am completely useless.

- Natalie