NeDavius Ladmirault
New York, NY
As someone who is metaphorically mute, my entire artistic language revolves around speaking without words. I’m highly influenced by music, and often use that as a proxy to connect visual art with words.

As a young black man in America, my entire artistic language also revolves around the desire to represent myself and people like me, who’s stories historically have been ignored, wiped away, and falsified.

I’ve always portrayed black experience and subjects in my art, because that’s who I am, but after witnessing the beginning of this new conscious movement against racism, one that’s never been bigger in all of history, I realized the power that art has.
I began to create with justice, spreading knowledge, and humanity in mind. I started using art to reflect on the craziness going on in the world and burn my thoughts into the bonfire of conversation taking over this year, whether through memorializing martyrs like George Floyd or creating illustrations that provoke thought. Essentially, to use my platform for something much bigger than myself, or the music niche that I first put myself in. 

- Nedavius (aka mute.psd)