Blue Bell, PA

I'm always thinking about things from other worlds, and the time I'm living in right now is actually a bit more synced up with my reality. The coronavirus has me inside. I'm thinking about all the people who have died from this and hoping they are in a better situation now. I'm not going to work because I'm high risk and had to go into forbearance on my student loans.

I'm using a lot of the time to draw. The whole situation is like a dream and a nightmare rolled into one. I've really been pouring my soul into this project for me and my dead cat. I always want to do things for animal companions who have spent time with me and moved on. But I don't think they really ever matched up with my expectations for how they should be honored.
I've done it for friends pets, little commemorative drawings with a lot of focus and lines. I'm finally doing it for me and my friends in another place now.

I'm thinking about death right now which isn't uncommon but it seems really appropriate at this moment.

I don't like projects that take too long because I feel like I won't finish them, but I'm very slowly chipping away at this one and it's making me feel like I have worth because I'm able to keep going with this project that is difficult for me, but embodies a lot of things I want to do and explore. Wish me luck.

- Soso