Susan Richman
Hastings, NY

The Covid -19 outbreak has provided me the opportunity to focus on making art. With all of life’s other distractions put on hold, I have been working full time creating work from materials sourced from my yard and from walks on a trail located next to my home.

These images are part of a new series called “Jenga”. The game Jenga begins with a tower of blocks. Players take turns carefully removing one block at a time placing it on top of the tower, adding to its instability. As the game goes on the tower inevitably crashes. I’ve created fantasy worlds by layering botanical materials, insects and dyes on separate sheets of glass separated by Jenga blocks. The picturesque images belie the precarious structure used to create them.
The images are only successful when all the layers work in balance and harmony.

Insects are a vital indicators of a healthy environment. Nearly seventy five percent of worldwide food sources depend on pollinators, therefore their existence and health is directly related to ours.

It’s not hard to imagine our very own worlds crashing like the game of Jenga as the supports necessary to sustain us are removed one by one.

- Susan