Yusuff Aina Abogunde
Lagos, Nigeria
As an individual and creative from Lagos, Nigeria living with the current global  pandemic, my mind and perception of the world has adjusted more as I stay indoors. It has specifically affected my thoughts about people who don't have the opportunity to stay inside.

We have people around the world who can't participate in isolating themselves against the spread of COVID-19 due to the state of their life, like homelessness or that the means to feed their families rests solely on them being out on the streets of the world. At the same time they are seen by helpers who are hindered from helping them. People talk about them through different media, but everything still ends up in vain.
In addition to this, I have personally faced hardship in creating my works even as I have a roof over my head. It is a challenge to get enough funds to buy art supplies and just to stay sane on-the-go in the overwhelming situation of the world. But, I keep pushing because of people who are on the streets. They give me strength and inspiration to keep creating and survive, because the best way to survive is by staying Insane.

- Yusuff